It sounds crazy, but the only KFC that I've ever enjoyed eating from are the ones in Grenada. 

There's a KFC in Grenada's capital, St Georges and also one just behind Grand Anse Beach. If you go there on the weekend it is packed, the queue is out of the door yet people are patiently waiting to be served. I hate a long queue but I would happily wait in this one for as long as it takes since the fried chicken tastes THAT good!

I've spent time trying to figure out what exactly makes it so much better than the other KFC's that I've eaten at.

On reflection I've come to two conclusions... 

The first is that the chicken used in the Caribbean in general is just delicious. Meat from the island tastes far better than the meat imported in and many chicken farmers on the island take really good care of their birds and feed them naturally. I really do think that this is why the local chicken tastes so good.

The second conclusion that I've come to is that the spices used are Grenadian. Grenada is known as the Isle of Spice and the spices are top tier! They are full of flavour and you can tell when the food has been seasoned well. The flavour of the spices shine through making whatever you're eating just taste delicious!

My grand mother, Nanny, always taught us the importance of using spices and herbs in cooking. Whether it be baked beans, rice or fried chicken, everyday food had to be exciting!

With ingredients like red peppers, smoked paprika, garlic, thyme, sage, oregano and nutmeg being just some of the ingredients in Nanny's Grenadian Seasoning - your food is certain to be delicious and full of flavour with this one!

I use three different flour types in this recipe for ultimate crunch but if you find it hard to get rice flour then you can just use equal parts cornflour and strong flour.



50g Cornflour

50g Strong flour

50g Rice flour

3 teaspoons of Baking powder

1kg Chicken wings, halved so that you have the mini drumette and flat wing

Oil for deep frying

Nanny's Grenadian Seasoning 



1. Sprinkle the baking powder onto the chicken wings along with 2 teaspoons of

Nanny's Grenadian Seasoning 

2. Massage into the wings and leave for 10 minutes

3. Mix the cornflour, strong flour and rice flour together along with 2 tablespoons of Nanny's Grenadian Seasoning 

4. Add the wings into the flour making sure that you press the flour mix into all creases and crevices of the wings

5. Heat your oil to 175c

6. Shake off any excess flour and then fry the chicken in batches until they are a lovely golden colour (this can take up to 8 minutes)

7. Use a slotted spoon to remove the wings from the oil and drain onto kitchen paper

8. While hot sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of Nanny's Grenadian Seasoning 

9. Enjoy!

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