About Us

To me, Caribbean food means good vibes and happy memories!  
With Myristica, I’ve always had two main objectives. The first being to develop the humble street food & authentic dishes we have in the Caribbean by reinforcing the core flavours that make these dishes so special. We view ourselves as pioneering contemporary Caribbean cuisine using modern cooking methods that you would expect to find in any successful modern restaurant.
The other objective was to demystify Caribbean food and to bring it to a mass audience. I believe that Caribbean cuisine is one of the best out there and I think more people need to know about it and to try it.
During lockdown, I came up with the ‘At Home by Myristica’ concept, a more casual version of our supper club but with undeniable flavours of the Caribbean done well, and with a few modern techniques. I delivered flyers locally and was often found on bike delivering Caribbean food to my local neighbours in London's Caribbean cultural home: Notting Hill. 
Thanks to my dear friend Adam Handling, I’m now able to take Myristica at Home to the nation!
One love,
Michelle x