Salmon is the go to fish in my house because not only does it taste delicious by itself, but it also carries other flavours incredibly well too!

In this super quick recipe you can have delicious salmon in about 10 minutes (if you're using the airfryer) which makes it a great option for a mid week meal too. If you don't have an airfryer don't worry, you can still do this recipe in the oven too!

With a spicy yet slightly sweet crispy crust, these salmon bites remain succulent whilst carrying the flavours of the scotch bonnet and herbs - it's honestly delicious!

You don't have to cut the salmon into chunks as I did but I like that by cutting them, you increase the surface area meaning that with each bite you have even more of the delicious seasoning!

If you want to see how easy this is to make then have a look at my instagram reel where I show you the whole process step by step!



2 x salmon fillets, skinned

2 teaspoons Myristica's Scotch Bonnet Fiery BBQ (if you like yours pretty spicy then use 4 teaspoons instead!)

1 tablespoon mayonnaise

1 teaspoon of your favourite Caribbean hot sauce



1. Cut the salmon into 1 inch chunks and place in a bowl

2. Sprinkle the salmon with Myristica's Scotch Bonnet Fiery BBQ and mix until all pieces are evenly coated in the spice mix

3. Place in the air fryer at 180c for 7 minutes. If using an oven, place in the oven at 180c for 10-15minutes

4. Whilst the salmon is cooking mix the mayonnaise with your favourite Caribbean hot sauce

5. When the salmon is cooked drizzle with the spicy mayonnaise or serve the spicy mayonnaise on the side

6. I garnished mine with some coriander leaves and a few slices of fresh red chilli

7. Enjoy!




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