Scotch Bonnet Fiery BBQ
Scotch Bonnet Fiery BBQ

Scotch Bonnet Fiery BBQ

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Tangy, spicy and ever so slightly sweet with a zing of apple cider vinegar and punchy yellow mustard, this spicy BBQ rub is perfect for pork ribs and delicious on poultry or even roasted potatoes.

This is the perfect spice for those low and slow dishes.

..Rumour has it this may be Chef Michelle’s favourite spice blend yet!!

At Myristica we only use the very best quality spices that we can source as we believe that a spice mix is only as good as the quality of the spices used. We blend the spices ourselves to create our Scotch bonnet fiery BBQ.

Ingredients: Red pepper, smoked paprika, garlic, onion, thyme, pimento, scotch bonnet, black pepper, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, yellow mustard seeds and salt

Allergies: Made in a kitchen which handles nuts, mustard & celery. 


We have sourced tins which are 100% recyclable and/or reusable so as to reduce our environmental impact.