Nanny’s Grenadian Seasoning
Nanny’s Grenadian Seasoning

Nanny’s Grenadian Seasoning

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Known as ‘Nanny’ to Michelle, Michelle’s grandmother taught her how to cook Caribbean dishes and always says that ‘When you cook, you need to add the seasonings!’

Nanny came over from Grenada (also known as the Island of Spice) in the 1960s and brought the importance of using spices and herbs in her cooking with her. Whether it be baked beans, rice or fried chicken, everyday food had to be exciting!

This non spicy, multipurpose seasoning uses everyday Caribbean island ingredients to jazz up everyday cooking.

Sprinkle over any savoury meal to add some tropical sunshine - It’s especially delicious on fried chicken!

At Myristica we only use the very best quality spices that we can source as we believe that a spice mix is only as good as the quality of the spices used. We blend the spices ourselves to create Nanny’s Grenadian Seasoning.

Ingredients: Red pepper, green pepper, onion, garlic granules, mustard, thyme, chive, oregano, celery salt, smoked paprika, sage, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, pepper and salt

Allergies: Made in a kitchen which handles nuts, mustard & celery. 


We have sourced tins which are 100% recyclable and/or reusable so as to reduce our environmental impact.