Jamaican Spices

Jamaican flavours are probably the most popular out of all the Caribbean spices and for good reason - they are simply delicious!

Jamaicas most recognised spice is probably the allspice berry which is also known as pimento. Jamaican allspice is considered to be the best type of allspice variety in the world due to having the highest volatile oil content out of them all.

Many Jamaican recipes almost always include allspice amongst other delicious spices and seasonings which may be the reason why Jamaican Jerk is one of the most popular Caribbean spice blends.

Jerk is a usually mixture of allspice, cinnamon, thyme, ginger, garlic, paprika, scotch bonnet and nutmeg but it does vary slightly from parish to parish. It may sound like a simple blend but it is honestly a well balanced sweet, smoky, fiery yet aromatic blend which should definitely be tried and enjoyed at least once.