Everyday Caribbean Seasoning
Everyday Caribbean Seasoning
Everyday Caribbean Seasoning

Everyday Caribbean Seasoning

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Put some spice into your everyday cooking with our original and GREAT TASTE AWARD-WINNING Everyday Caribbean Seasoning!

With a gentle heat and the taste of herbs and spices shining through; use either as a marinade, a rub or in place of your salt and pepper.

What did the judges say about Myristica’s Everyday Caribbean Seasoning?

“This blend looks bright and inviting, giving off aromas of tropical fruits, even on the cooked blend, which is impressive. On tasting there is an immediate heat which is lovely and fruity.

The heat is gentle rather than 'slap you round the face' and comes through later after the initial burst of herb and spice.”

At Myristica we only use the very best quality spices that we can source as we believe that a spice mix is only as good as the quality of the spices used. Wblend the spices ourselves to create our Caribbean Everyday Seasoning.

Ingredients: Paprika, allspice, garlic, salt, chilli flakes, onion, basil, nutmeg and chilli powder.

Allergies: Made in a kitchen which handles nuts, mustard & celery.


We have sourced tins which are 100% recyclable and/or reusable so as to reduce our environmental impact.