This recipe has the flavours of a smokey barbecue without you having to get all of the equipment out!
The brisket is cooked slowly in the oven until deliciously tender. Although this can take anywhere between 4 - 6 hours, it is well worth the wait!
I served mine with some soft burger buns and a red cabbage coleslaw and it went down a real treat! 
750g beef brisket
2 onions, sliced
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon tomato puree
6 bay leaves
500ml beef stock
150ml tomato ketchup
Myristica's Barbecue Rub
1. Sprinkle a generous amount of  Myristica's Barbecue Rub all over the brisket and massage it into the meat
2. Heat some oil in a pan and sear the brisket until it is a nice golden brown
3. Remove from the pan and then in the same pan add the onions
4. Add the brown sugar to the onions and caramelise slightly
5. Add the bay leaves, a tablespoon of  Myristica's Barbecue Rub and the tomato puree to the pan
6. Cook for 1 minute whilst stirring before adding the beef stock and ketchup
7. Bring it up to the boil and then transfer everything into a deep tray
8. Add the brisket to the tray and then cover it before cooking slowly until the meat is tender and breaks apart when pushed with a fork. If you notice that the sauce is getting too thick then add a little water to the dish.
9. Once the brisket has cooked, allow it to cool slightly before shredding with a fork
10. Mix the beef into the sauce and serve with burger buns and coleslaw!


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