The Myristica Apron
The Myristica Apron
The Myristica Apron

The Myristica Apron

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The Myristica apron is what is needed for anyone who wants to cook something special in their kitchen! 

Michelle says "stepping into the kitchen and putting on my chef apron is the perfect way to get in the zone when it comes to cooking up a storm! There's something ceremonial about it as you collect your thoughts and prepare to cook with love!" 

Myristica has collaborated with Oliver Harvey, the leaders in the chef industry who are known for their high quality products which are designed and made in Britain. 

The Myristica apron also comes with a handy cloth loop so that whether you need to open the oven door, wipe your hands quickly or carry a hot pot, the cloth is right there by your side.

The apron ties are non-tangle which means that the frustration is minimised and washing is made really easy.

Please note: Aprons are embroidered to order and can take up to 7 days for delivery. Orders are processed Monday – Friday.